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2016 Top 10 (Well top 15)

I think we all find it hard to comprehend how another year has already come to pass. But none the less here’s to lessons learned and great things to come! It was a very eventful year for me and my family. Photography wise I was able to accomplish a fair bit. I changed my business model to run my business they way I had always intended, a scary leap but one that has paid off for sure. I thank all that have supported me in the past to get me where I am, and all the ones who continue to do so. I start every year with a list of ideas and this year I was able to see more come to life than not. Finally adding sessions at the lavender fields in July, the years in the making ,baseball styled session, and the addition to the TuTu Du Monde dress line to the studio. I have added the biggest prop to date which was the 51 Chev! Can’t wait to use it for summer evening sessions this year. Lots more great things to come this year. Going forward my goals this year are to stay more organized (who doesn’t right?) blog more, and maintain a better work/life balance.  Without further ado, my favourite 15 photos of 2016 (cuz I couldn’t pic just 10!)

Baseball Styled Session

Well thank goodness my good friend and client  came to me looking for some photos of her kids that captured their current interests. I gotta tell you, I was in a bit of a funk after a busy summer of shooting mostly family portraits I needed something a little different to shoot and edit. Man was this fun. My shooting buddy Michelle had come up with this idea last year and we never had time to bring it to life. I was fortunate enough to bring my kids along too! Needless to say I LOVE these types of sessions, the kids have so much fun, it’s not hard to see their little personalities come out. I am pretty sure some these will end up on canvas in someones sport’s themed bedroom!





These Boys

I just love these kids! It was getting late, the bugs were crazy! But tough little farm kids that they are pulled it off seamlessly. On a side note, I need a truck exactly like this.


Charlie’s Newborn Session

Newborn-1Newborn-16Newborn-4Newborn-6bwNewborn-11Newborn-20Newborn-9Newborn-22Newborn-25I just love how many big families I am seeing in the studio these days. Charlie is welcomed into this world by three older siblings. The family drove a distance to come and have Charlie’s portraits done which was an honour and all the kids were so incredibly well behaved. Made my job very easy.

Baby Boston

Welcome to the world Baby Boston. What a great name eh? I just adore it. What a sleepy little fella he was. Mom, who incidentally was the first baby I ever held, had no colour or prop preference so I went with mostly a blue and brown colour combination. I always ask before a newborn session  incase parents are wanting to purchase art work for the baby’s nursery or their home and have a colour palette in mind. Something to always consider when having professional portraits taken.


Kyle and Rejeanne’s Ganaraska Wedding

I am truly gushing over this entire wedding. I knew the moment Rejeanne starting telling me about her simple, rustic wedding plans it was going to be a great day. For starters, I have never in my life met such a laid back bride. The decor was the perfect mix of rustic  elegance. Simple, not over done in anyway. The venue was perfection. An outdoor ceremony  in the Ganaraska Forest followed by a dinner and reception in one the most beautiful halls I have had the pleasure of being in. Michelle and I felt like guests more than  employees for the day. The ceremony was sweet and emotional, as were the speeches. The highlight of the reception was the most adorable father daughter dance.

Welcome Autumn

One of the many, many things I love about doing what I do, is that I get lots of cuddle time with new ones when they arrive. Not just a quick hold the baby and check em out. I get about two to three hours cuddle time when they come top the studio for photos. Welcome to the world Autumn. Congratulations Amy and Shane.


Worth The Wait

Never have I ever been so excited for a couple to welcome their little bundle into the world.

Congratulations on your little miracle.


Delaney’s Newborn Portraits

This little lady is joining her family with three older siblings. I cant even begin to tell you how well behaved they all were during the session. Good job mom! I love the idea of keeping newborn portraits simple…timeless. I like to stick with a fairly neutral palette and add a pop of colour here and there.


Huntsville Atom Hockey Tournament

Our Weekend in Huntsville , Ontario

This past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of taking part in the fourth annual Knights of Columbus Novice/Atom Memorial Hockey Tournament. As a  family this was our first weekend long ,away hockey tournament. We had a beautiful suite at DeerHurst Resort in one of the Summit Lodges. The place was filled with March break vacationers , and hockey families just as ourselves. The kids had a blast in the arcade, winning enough tickets to purchase a chess set, which provided much needed quiet time in the morning . The pool area was beautiful.  The kids had a blast in the fun zone . Not only were the accommodations beautiful but the arena was incredible. The Summit Centre is by far the most beautiful arena I have ever been in. The tournament was well organized and all involved were friendly and helpful. Did I mention we squeezed in  a little hockey while we were there? Loosing their first game, the Dukes came back with a vengeance. Winning their next two games they put themselves in the “silver” spot to play the other second place team. After a first period with no score the team managed to put four goals past an incredible goalie on the opposite team. One goal  going in the net with .8 seconds left on the clock at the end of the second! Amazing! With a shut out by our two amazing goalies we won the “B” Division championship. Some fantastic memories were made this weekend.