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Statement House Fashion Show

So as you may or may not know I am huge fan of anything vintage, or antique. I am somewhat of a nostalgia freak! When my good friend Sandra Young decided to open up a vintage clothing business called Statement House I was eager to be a part of it in any way. Most likely her best customer, but honoured to be asked to capture the clothing during her debut fashion show held at Chalk Therapy in Peterborough. A wonderful pairing if I do say so. Repurposed furniture pieces and decor along side beautifully curated vintage clothing, the evening oozed of class and sophistication. Ladies showed up dressed in their favourite fashions, to enjoy some delectable eats, light refreshments and enjoy a superbly curated collection of vintage clothing, and I did see a few furniture pieces walking out the door that evening as well.


Probably one of my favourite shots of the night. As the back room of Chalk Therapy buzzed with excitement, the models scurried about with last minute adjustments, accessory swapping and exchanging compliments and good humour, I found one model on the floor giving a quick once over in the  mirror of one of the gorgeous furniture pieces scattered about the showroom. The light from the huge west facing window was pouring in harsh and warm and reflecting on the model. It reminded me of an album cover I once seen by a local artist.

The runway was the shop floor itself. No fancy stage needed, the clothing and models were captivating on their own.


The month, weeks, days and hours that went into this evening lead to a flawless evening of fun, fashion and photography right here in out very own little town. Congratulations to Sandra and the Chalk Therapy team on an incredible evening that I hope is not the last of its kind. Let’s cross our fingers and toes that Statement House finds its own permanent home through the Win This Space competition and we can shop these vintage treasures anytime all the time!



Pure White Newborn Session

I love texture and rich colour in my portraits but there is just something about a brand new baby in white. So clean and so pure, so beautiful. Simplicity at it’s finest moment. Baby is truly the focus of these images, no distractions.

Newborn-1-3Newborn-1-6Newborn-1-9Newborn-1-13 copyNewborn-1-16Newborn-1-17Newborn-1-18Newborn-1-20Newborn-1

Unplugged Without Power

So not once but twice in the last week we have been without power. How easily we take for granted this luxury. But on a positive note what a great excuse to unplug and reconnect.  We usually look through old photo albums, its the first thing the kids run for when the power goes out. This time we opted for some games.  I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of board games or even cards. But Pictionary I love! Despite my horrid drawing abilities , there is just something about that game. Trivial pursuit is a close second. Throw in a little Jenga,  s’mores by the wood stove, and end the night with some shadow puppets to make the night complete.  So while it’s great for the kids to unplug it forces me to as well. No distractions. I can’t edit with no power, or even check my email. Think we might do this more often.

Quinn’s Newborn Session

So about two weeks ago we had the busiest week of newborns in the studio yet. Now I use the term studio loosely , mostly because since the fire, I have been set up in my office at home, and using the word studio just doesn’t feel right, like I am cheating on my old studio. But for arguments sake and keeping things simple we will call it the studio for now. I was beyond grateful that all my previously booked clients kept their bookings knowing I would be in a new space, and I may not have all the equipment and props I had promised when they first booked. I have to say things went perfectly. Michelle and I got into the grove and the space worked well. So without further ado, a few favourites from Quinn’s session…..


Hannah’s Maternity Session

I just love it when mothers-to-be book maternity sessions along with their newborn session. Nothing makes me happier than getting to tell the whole story of baby’s arrival. It is such an exciting time and I know my kids get such a kick out of seeing the pictures of me when they were in my belly.

Red Couch Sessions

I would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who came out for the red couch sessions. The last month has been one of the hardest I can remember and if I am being totally honest, I had very little desire to pick up the camera. But, as they say, you need to get back on the horse. I am so grateful to have the clients and friends,  clients that have become friends, and friends that are clients that I do.  With your support I am able to do what love, and love what I do.


A Note of Thanks to the Students and Staff of St.Joseph’s in Douro


Today my son brought home a collection of beautifully written letters from the grade five class at St.Joesph’s in Douro. Without sharing anyone’s specific feelings, I want you all to know, staff included how much these  words have touched me. At a time when tears come easier than sleep, your heartfelt sentiments and encouragement mean more than you will ever know.  It is very clear that these young minds understand the enormity of it all. You are right, we do live in a wonderful community that takes care of each other. We are clearly doing something right in the children we are raising as these letters prove the incredible maturity and strength these young people posses at a time that is difficult for them and their families as well. I will cherish these words always and keep them near. As I rebuild my business I will think of you and your encouraging words the entire time. As many of you said “we will get through this and we will come out stronger and more brilliant than before.”

A Community in Mourning


This is a very difficult post to write………By now I am sure everyone knows about the devastating fire that took place on friday morning destroying the historic P.G. Towns build in Douro. Yes, my studio was located in the building. It appears I have lost everything that was in there. But this not my loss. While my heart aches and stomach churns thinking of all I had put into my business the last three years, it pales in comparison to what the Towns and Coons family have lost. A building that belonged to their family  for 124 years. The cherished family heirlooms, the memories. All the hours of hard work they put in running the store and more recently all the hours the Nancy Towns , Lise and Bernard Leahy put in recreating and renovating the store again into Towns & Leahy Mercantile. Along with the family the community grieves. The red building that stood as a landmark for so many years. The hub of the community. Who doesn’t have a fond memory of P.G Towns General store. As I watched what little remained of the building reduced to ashes, 124 years of what they had created  gone , they were consoling me for my loss. In the typical Towns family fashion they were looking out for everyone else, making sure everyone else’s needs were met. As always putting the needs of community ahead of their own. While I hurt I know they are hurting so much more. But I am also grateful, grateful for having the opportunity to be apart of something so wonderful . I have only been apart of this community for 14 years, but being apart of the P.G Towns  felt special. A huge sense of pride that my business was in Douro General Store. How lucky was I to  be part of this space with such a rich history. Mike, Rosy, Chris and Michelle always made me feel like I was part of that family. Helping me set up my business, making sure they could do what ever they could to ensure my success. Its hard to put into words just how amazing that has been.

As for my wonderful friends, neighbours and clients your kind words and caring have helped during this difficult time. I feel there is still a long healing ahead but if you know me you know I am strong, I will get through this. I have my beautiful family by my side helping me pick up the pieces.

To the amazing community of photographers…… what can I say? I am blown away by all of your offers of sympathy and caring, and offer to use your spaces so I can continue to provide for my family, and clients. To all my clients and your outpouring of care and concern….. You have invited me into your lives to capture your happiest of moments and I am so grateful for that. Your kind words touch my heart and give me strength to not give up and keep going. Those who do have sessions booked, as I mentioned I have been offered use of many studios in the area, and your sessions will take place. I am still able to fulfill  outdoor sessions here on our farm.  Please email me with any concerns you have about this.

There are so many more thoughts pouring through my head right now, but in all, I just want everyone to know that I understand that everyone is hurting right now. We will all get through this together as a community, as a family. To the Towns and Coons family, I am there for you as you have been there for me. I hope you know just how amazing it has been getting to be a part of this wonderful community you created.


Jess’s Nursing Session

There is no greater bond in the world than that of mother and child. I walk through my home and see the many pictures on the wall of me with my kids when they were babies. Thank god I have the pictures help me recollect what can seem like a big blur somedays. So many people offering the advice to take the time to enjoy it, as they are only little once. So busy keeping them alive, and trying to maintain your sanity on so little sleep hardly seems like there was any time at all to sit and take it all in. But amidst the chaos, constant feedings and sleepless nights there are moments that I will never forget. Burned into my brain for all of eternity.  Whether its a nursing portrait session or just a session for mom and baby, it is very important to capture those early but brief moments when you are their world. This beautiful momma whole heartedly agreed to let me feature these captures of  the bond between her and her baby.

That Time We Won a Trip to the World Juniors in Buffalo


Every year Timbermart puts out a call for people to enter their best hockey photo that represents what hockey means to them. Well for us hockey has become tradition. I remember my youngest watching my oldest play hockey for years, sitting in the stands cheering him on, waiting for the day it would be him out on the ice. My son was far from the best player team, but to my youngest he was Sidney Crosby. He looked up to him, he was in fact his biggest fan. So when it came time for Mitch to finally lace up it was only fitting for Jake to be there with him.  Needless to say I was blown away by the response I received when I asked my friends and followers to vote for my picture. I can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to vote every day for me. Who would ever think we would have won? I sure didn’t. Having never won anything like this before I have no frame of reference but I am telling you, we were well taken care of. It literally cost us nothing. Along with a huge hotel suite within walking to the arena, we were driven to buffalo by our own personal driver, dropped right off in front of the hotel. Tickets to four games, and $500 spending cash. Being there when Canada won the gold…. priceless.  A huge thank you again to the Timbermart team for giving this hockey mom and proud Canadian an experience she will never forget. To everyone else, keep taking those hockey pics, follow the Timbermart page, because I am telling you if they do this contest again, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to win this amazing opportunity.



Bronze and gold medal game baby!


We had such a great time I even convinced hubby to take a selfie!


We Watched the 3rd period again when we got home and I am telling you, the tv coverage did not  even come close to capturing the energy and excitement that filled that arena.